Factors such as increased port security, high container traffic & railraod congestion are causing the average transit time of inbound containers to extend. As a result, U.S. importers are often adversely penalized by the following factors:

  • Disruption of sensitive JIT inventories due to late delivery of containers.
  • Opportunity costs associated with late product introduction to market.
  • Contractual penalty clauses enacted in regards to missed order completion or ship dates.

Bridge International Logistics offers BridgeDirect expedited container delivery service. Once the vessel arrives in port, BridgeDirect diverts the containers from rail service to instead truck non-stop directly to where the product is urgently needed. Benefits include the following:

  • Transit timesavings of approximately five days per container over standard rail service.
  • Targeted, time-definite delivery of needed product.
  • Ability to divert for drop shipment to final customer or retail distribution center.

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